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A Collection of 19th Century Grand Tour Italian Intaglios by Giovanni Liberotti

Item 149: $2,975
A collection of 19th Century Grand Tour Italian intaglios by Giovanni Liberotti in 3 Volumes (LIBEROTTI IMPRONTE, Musei  I, II, III), mounted in faux books with leather bindings; carved plaster cameos (102 in total) by a master carver depicting various works of art held in world-wide museums and private collections, including the Vatican.  There are two (2) trays of intaglios in each box, each intaglio numbered and keyed to a hand written syllabus on the inside book covers. Generally good condition, considering moderate usage and age. Intaglios are exquisitely executed, with sharp detail.   Italy c. 1830. Size: 2"d x 7"w x 10.13"h, Circa 1830
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